Lose Weight Without Dieting...
and still enjoy great tasting food!

Is it possible to lose weight and still eat real food?


Diets that restrict certain foods don't work! The key to losing weight and keeping it off is awareness, moderation, and support.

   — New England Journal of Medicine, February, 2009


A note from the author of The Sensible Cook:  

As a weight loss therapist and fitness & health professional for over twenty years, I've meet thousands of people who struggle with weight. In part, over the confusion over food and the diets that cause a cycle of issues, and can reekhavic to the metabolism.  Many people think that eating healthy will be restrictive, boring, expensive, and require special ingredients. Not true!

The meal plans & recipes in The Sensible Cook recipe newsletter are the exact menus that I use with my own family. The recipes have come from years of searching, testing, and modifying recipes for taste and good health. The grocery lists make grocery shopping a breeze, and I love never having to worry about what to fix at the last minute. It really eliminates the stress of figuring out dinner, plus it saves our family money, because we eat out less. 
Preparing meals for my family has been a great way for me to teach my family how to eat healthy, without having the "diet" mentality.  Food shouldn't make you feel guilty. When you choose good foods as normal part of life, you'll find the process an enjoyable one. I'd encourage you to try it. It really does make life easier.

  Stop Dieting
 & Start Cooking!

You can lose weight and still eat great food!

"We love every single recipe we have cooked and we have lost weight while following your meal plans!  I would be lost without this service!"
                                                    Melissa Wells

Losing weight doesn't mean you have to eat bland food, or choke down protein bars and shakes. Typical "diets" are nearly always based on deprivation, and in nearly every case, any weight lost is gained back (plus a few extra pounds).

The real answer is to eat leaner as a lifestyle choice, and stop the cycle of "dieting". By learning how to eat real foods in a healthy way you can empower yourself once and for all to lose weight for good!

The dinner recipes in our meal plans are part of a healthy eating plan that can help you lose weight (most entrees are between 200-600 calories, and are low in fat).  You also get bonus recipes for guilt-free desserts, side dishes, snacks, and more!

Many people are amazed at the foods you can eat (you can even eat pasta!). We've reduced the fat and left the taste. Enjoy a healthy way of eating without dieting. End the yo-yo cycle of dieting & start eating right for you & your family now. It's a lifestyle choice... and a good one too!

 We know you will Love it! 

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